Bathtime with A Lizard

I have the utmost respect for cockroaches and lizards. I respect cockroaches more than lizards. That means that I like to keep a healthy distance away from them. But I have no choice when I am ambushed. I just wish that it doesn’t happen during bathtime when I am… er… vulnerable.

Like today. I stepped into my bathtub and what do you know, a friendly little lizard slithers happily right up to my foot. Half-blind that I was without my glasses, I yelped in surprise. I tried to shoo it away with stomps. It ran back and forth, never leaving the bathtub. After much wriggling (me that is), I managed to chase the lizard out the window. Actually, I don’t usually have a problem with lizards (roaches are a different matter). I just don’t like to shower with one!

When I told Zibin about the incident, he was suitably sympathetic.

ZB: “Did you take a picture of it?”
Me: “Why would I take a picture of it?!”
ZB: “It’s just a poor innocent little lizard you know.”
Me: “I’m ok with lizards. I just don’t like to be naked around them!”
ZB: “It’s naked too.”
Me: “…”

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