I went to Nanyang Girls’ School (new campus) for the first time ever yesterday. It was their fun-fair, and we went to show support for my cousin Yimei.

As soon as I walked into the crowded school, I was hit in the face by the raw, youthful sounds and energy of over a thousand children and teenagers. Bright, happy faces. Shouts, giggles, and laughter. Blaring pop music. Busy students promoting their stalls, busy parents helping at the stalls. The smell of food. The smell of perspiration. I had forgotten how it felt like to physically be in secondary school!

Yimei’s class, Sec 4-4, was in charge of a haunted house and a coconut stall. The queue for the haunted house was so long that I did not get to go because I had a meeting to attend. I did, however, get to enjoy cool coconut water and take quite a few pictures.

It could still be better, but I quite like the pic I share here. A random sight that struck my fancy…which I managed to capture before Zibin asked me, “Why are you taking a picture of my chest?!” :P

More photos.

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