The 'Laugh-at-Ann Fest' Trilogy (II)

Continuing on the ‘trash talk’ about me (quite literally) upon Zhen’s and En’s request, here’s another tale of me and another fast-food chain’s rubbish bin.


I can’t exactly remember which friends I was with this time around, but it was at the Burger King at AMK. And I think Yinwei was there.
We had finished lunch (think it was on a Saturday). And my friends had already begun to leave BK. I was still finishing my drink in a hurry when they walked out first. In a rush to join them, I quickly finished my drink, tossed it in the rubbish bin, and ran out after them.

After I had caught up with them, one of them (I can’t remember who), looked at me and asked, “Where’s your wallet?” (Back in those days, I frequently carried my wallet in my hand.) It was then that I realized that I was still holding on to my empty cup, but my wallet was missing! Yep, I had happily thrown my wallet into the trash while keeping the trash in my hand. It was not a good day, wallet-wise. :P

I was very sotong hor? Also dunno why last time so blur. So jialat…

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  1. hahha:) now that you mention it, I think i have happily witnessed both sessions of “trash-tv”….:) eheheh…..

    it reminds me very much of a friend who recently (last year) went to his gate, threw his keys over his shoulder, and proceeded to point his handphone at the gate to open it. ( btw, his gate wasn’t even electronic!).

    :) so you’re not alone ann……

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