Love & Hunger

As most of you know only too well, Zibin and I are both very talkative people. And when we’re with each other, unless one or both of us are reading, sleeping or working, we are almost never quiet.

There is virtually only one exception. And that’s when we’re both extremely hungry. Like tonight, when we were only able to have dinner at 10:15p.m. It was a solemn, quiet and very passionate affair between us and our dinner. It was only when we’ve both had sufficient food lining our guts that either of us made a peep conversation-wise. But though to any observer it must seem like we’re ignoring each other, to me it felt pretty romantic in a very unconventional way :P

*solemn look* We may joke about many things. But when it comes to food, especially when we’re hungry, we are dead serious.


  1. I guess what they say is true then……

    The mind may be romantic, but the stomach is always pragmatic.

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