"Fantastic Four" Reunion

We were supposed to go back to St. Nicks yesterday, but found out quite last minute that the school was closed for Youth Day. And so, instead of visiting teachers, we ended up terrorizing members of the public at Suntec City instead.

Why is it that some things never change with time? Ivy is still as excitable (and as easy to provoke) as ever. Bea is still the most collected, calm and elegant. Yinwei still squeals when surprised. And I… well, what about me? Well, they say I’m crazy and evil and all sorts of other unflattering things, but I know better. I’m just… NICE *angelic smile*.

I’ve met all of them separately, and those dates were personal and wonderful in a deep, reflective kind of way. But they had also been pretty sedate. Yesterday, when it was still just me, Yinwei and Bea, we were pretty sedate too. But when Ivy arrived, woo-hoo-hoo… it’s true what some people say. When Ivy and I are together in the same place, especially with ‘cheerleaders’ around, sparks fly!

Yesterday, I almost felt like I was 16 again. I think we all did. For those brief few hours we were together, it was as if we had no other care in the world. And I don’t mean it in an irresponsible way, but suddenly we weren’t wives or girlfriends or mothers…and we didn’t have work or studies to worry about. We were just four girls basking in the warm and joyous glow of one another’s company once again.

Those grins. Those yelps. Those outraged exclamations. The helpless laughter. Once upon a time, those things were enjoyable in themselves among the four of us. They still are. But we’ve each gone through so many bends and struggles in our own lives in the last 11 years that sharing these innocent little things now is more precious than ever.

More photos.

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