Good-bye Again

I’m flying off to New York tomorrow morning!

There’s still much I’d have liked to do before leaving, but I can’t finish them all.

I haven’t even time to say proper good-byes to my friends, though they’ve all been in my mind and heart even while we haven’t met or spoken. There were letters/emails I wanted to write before I leave… so many of them… but maybe those will have to wait too. It will only be from August 18 that I will be fully settled in Toronto and on my own again. Perhaps then I’ll have the time to pen the letters that I’ve been storing up in my mind. But whether or not those thoughts are penned, I will be holding all of you in my heart and in my prayers.

Nevertheless, there are a very special few who will remain in Singapore that I wish to mention here, letter or not.

To My Brother
Dearest John, we’ve both been so busy and seen so little of each other this time, we hardly had time to talk. I really cherish the conversations we had during those few car-trips we took together when mom was in L.A.

Can’t begin to describe how proud I am of how much you’ve matured and changed. You’ve become someone I know I can lean on.

Never underestimate the impact you can have on those around you. Every word, every act has an effect… I hope that you will come to understand the power you have, both for good and evil. I pray that the Spirit of God comes alive in your life, for that’s the very best that I can wish you! Jie will miss you dearly.

To My Sister-to-be
Dearest Cathy, I’m so thankful that we had those few short lunches together. I am overjoyed that God has given my brother such a good woman to be his wife and fellow-pilgrim for life.

I am inspired by your simplicity. I am touched by your love for my whole family. You know we love you too right? :) I look forward to the day we really do become sisters!

And I wish you a pleasant journey for RCIA. Wherever your footsteps lead you, I have faith that it will be where you ought to be. If there’s ever anything I can do to help you in this regard, or for anything else I’m just a call or email away. Must keep in touch! *hug*

To My Mom
Thank you, dearest mom, for being the absolutely sweetest, wisest and most wonderful mother ever. You were the first gift that God gave me, and for this gift alone I could never give thanks enough.

I will never fail to marvel how you always find something positive to say about me no matter what the situation or how badly I’ve done. I am amazed at how you still seize every opportunity to teach me something new (now it’s so often about marriage and child-rearing :P).

Though in future we won’t have the kind of time we had this summer with each other, we both know that we will lose nothing. I love you, Mom. Always.

To My Father
Dearest Daddy, as usual, we didn’t get to talk much. But perhaps someday soon we’ll get to talk, really talk. Until then, Dad, please take care of your health… it’s not something you can afford to take for granted, you know. Please also take care of Mom. And above all, my prayer is that you build your treasure wisely, and that you cherish those that God has given you to love.

A husband and father is a mighty leader. We all look to you for leadership, Daddy, in loving service to God. :)


I know some people are confused abt the dates I’ve been throwing out. *grin* I’m flying to NY tomorrow, and only arriving in Toronto on Aug 4. Btw Aug 9 – 17, I’ll be entertaining a visiting aunt and uncle in T.O., then going to Cornell with ZB. Correspondence and blogging may be sketchy till after Aug 17th. :P

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