Yep. If I lay down on the pavement in NY, you’d probably get some kind of grilled goat. If I stayed in the underground subway station for long enough, you’d get roasted goat. You get the idea.

I don’t recall being in such temperatures before. Today will be worse than yesterday, the weather channel says. High of 100F (38C), with heat index to feel like 115F (46C). Mom reminded me to keep my head covered (a goat with a hat?). And we’ll lug water and prob buy more on the way.

Today’s plan same as yesterday, which is to come back home by mid-afternoon to cool down and rest. Meanwhile, it’s 5th Avenue and the Museum of Television and Radio today!

Oh, forgot to mention, Serena’s service apartment is on West 56th St and Broadway… it’s so cool to see all the musical banners lining up Broadway! Saw a super giant one on Wicked. And The Colour Purple. Not catching any musicals this time, but tomorrow we’re going to Bryant Park where every Thursday the cast members of current Broadway musicals sing songs from the musicals during lunch hour. It’s still supposed to be super hot tomorrow, but so I’ll bring an umbrella, wear a hat, drink lots of water and put on sunscreen. When there’s good music to be had, a “little heat” is worth bearing. *grin*


Update (Aug 3): Broadway in Bryant Park has been cancelled due to excessive heat *sob*. And I was so ready to go! So disappointed, but oh well…


  1. Haha I was actually gonna comment on that too, but I thought better of it coz it was starting to sound quite… um… “searing”, lol.

    Well, at least Dr Dillamond was portrayed as a Goat too, so perhaps being a goat isn’t too bad… =)

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