"Summer" Cleaning

I’d forgotten how tiring it was to spring clean. Admittedly, the chore was made much more pleasant because Zibin was helping me. Actually, at times I felt like I was assisting him. He attacked the job with such systematic and dogged determination that I cleared out more things than I had intended to. By the end of the day, we’d thrown away 4 large bags of junk, sorted out things to sell, started packing things for me to bring back to Singapore, and set aside half a big box of things for him to bring to Cornell. And I’m not even completely done with my room! *groan*


The fun part of spring cleaning has always been interesting distractions, and we had several of that today. At one point, we came across a diary that Ivy gave me for my 18th birthday. Pasted on the inner cover was a photo of me, Ivy, Yinwei and Bea as 17 year-olds. We looked so kiddish!

Later on, we flipped open a photo album I had packed away for the last couple of years. We burst out laughing simultaneously when we saw photos of John back in 1999. In Wanting’s words, John looked like an ‘over-sized baby’ (i.e., he still had a ‘baby-face’ but was already adult-size.) It wasn’t just John that looked funny, we all did. :P


I’m now dog-tired. Next item on today’s agenda: a good night’s sleep!

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