Girl Talk @ OPL1204C

3 girls chatting in the kitchen. Range of topics:

Yoga (we may all be taking yoga classes come September)

Meditation (Wanting shared some breathing tips for meditation from drama training)

Cooking (Ting intends to get a slow-cooker too cos it’s so handy, saves time and the food tastes good!)

TCM (Ting & Melissa want to go and get their ‘readings’ together and see what they could/should take for tonic. This part was really funny, they sounded like they were planning to go on an expedition, so excited they were. Also, Wanting and I thought that Melissa would be freaked by the medicine I was taking cos there were cicada slough [蝉退]. Turns out she wasn’t cos she only dislikes slimy things like frogs. With dried-up bug shells, she’s completely unaffected. :P)

Frozen Fruits
(We’re in a frozen fruit phase… frozen bananas taste like ice-cream! According to Ting, one better not bring their bank accounts into our apartment or it may get frozen :P)

I can’t help feeling rather tickled about it all. 3 girls in the house really changes the dynamics. Perhaps it’s also to do with the fact that these days we’re cooking a lot more often than when Ting was still studying. We cook our own meals, but it’s interesting to learn from one another and see what else is cooking.


Zibin is going to be taking yoga and pilates in Cornell. And it’s only going to cost him USD$40 for the entire year. UNFAIR! *sniff* I guess my consolation is that I can go too when I’m there though I have to pay USD$5 per day to use Cornell’s athletic facilities.


  1. Another tip.. I think it’s a bad idea to meditate right before you go to bed. haha. Meditating wakes me up and leaves me really energetic!

  2. *lol* Thanks for the tip! I don’t meditate before bed :P Am doing so in the early morning and then again before dinner. But u’re right, it does wake me up! ha ha.

  3. US$40? :) Is that like once every week? Or drop-in classes type? :) No matter what, that is a really good price :)

  4. It’s those kind of drop-in classes, and they have pilates and yoga classes every day… so technically speaking, I can have 10 sessions per week (5 for pilates, 5 for yoga)… But I wun lah, cos it’s gonna kill me!@ Yeah, it’s a good price, only that I just found out it’s gonna be US$40 per semester, instead of for the whole year. But still, it’s a very good price…

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