Mystery Umbrella

Found: One silver (outside) and purple (inside) foldable umbrella. It has the words “EverGreen” printed in green on the velcro strap.
Where: In my suitcase

I have a sneaking suspicion that I borrowed this umbrella from someone on a rainy day. Back in Singapore. *sheepish grin*

I’m pretty sure it’s someone that reads my blog… I have a guess as to who it is but the memory is too foggy. Could the dear, kind, good samaritan who is missing an umbrella please identify yourself? :P

***** ***** *****
Am toying with a new template. I admit, all that twitching on my friends’ blogs have made me itch to play with mine. This particular one’s been sitting with me for a long while actually. I wanted to have a change for more colour. For the time-being anyway… In any case, this happens to be one that actually fits my tagline. :P


  1. Hey! Your blog is actually very nice. I’ve always like blue, and this whole template gives it a totally different look… more energetic, I think…

  2. *frowns a little, and stares at your new template*

    I don’t know… *trails off, and thinks*

    *gives up, and shrugs*

    “Something nice.” There. :)

  3. To Henry::
    Heh, thank you. Not surprised you like it. Well, I like the previous template and this one for different reasons… they’re very different, but I feel that they both reflect different facets of my moods and personality. :P

    To metwin1:
    *reads your comment*
    *frowns a little and re-reads your comment*
    I don’t know… *tries to think of a suitable, matching response*
    *gives up, and shrugs*
    “Something gracious.” There. :P

  4. Is it mine??? I lent you one umbrella on 6 June when you came to my house for your hot date. Was it that one? :) Or more correctly, is that mother-in-law’s one?? Haha…

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