Been in a ‘balletic’ mood ever since I found out that The National Ballet of Canada is staging Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty (choreography by Rudolf Nureyev) in November. That fairy-tale was my childhood favourite for two reasons. 1. The ballet. 2. The Disney cartoon. Both for which I loved the music. Of course the cartoon did use Tchaikovsky’s music, and my favourite song was “Once Upon A Dream” which is to the tune of the ballet’s waltz. :)

I started listening to the ballet music in my collection, including a new album of Tchaikovsky’s famous waltzes I got from Cathy. A familiar waltz came on which I’ve always liked but never placed. (It’s a pretty popular piece which I’m sure many would recognize.) Now I finally know it’s from Eugene Onegin!

Lend an ear if you will to Eugene Onegin (New York Philharmonic).mp3

***** ***** *****

Oh, and suaku me who knew that the NBC has moved to their new permanent home in the new Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts never realized that it was practically at my doorstep. It’s at Queen & University! What happy news… just reinforces my sentiment that I live in “the center of the universe” in Toronto. *smug*

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