Ithaca Photos


A barn along Highway 96, enroute from Ithaca to Toronto

Sorry I took so long to put these pics up. The delay was due to various reasons. I was lazy. I wasn’t too happy with the pics I took on this trip because almost all the photos were taken from the car. Neither my skills nor my camera were of the calibre of taking good pics while in motion, sometimes at speeds as high as 110kmh. I felt like I did not do the beauty of the place much justice.

But still, I know there are people waiting to see Zibin’s new ‘habitat’. Sorry! I’m going to Cornell again this coming long weekend, and I’ll try to take some better photos of the campus!

Meanwhile, I’ve uploaded the better photos. Fortunately, the subject was often sufficiently beautiful that its beauty shone through the ‘rags’ of my frustrated photography. *grin* So please take a peek at my latest photo album!

August 2006 – Cornell & Ithaca Pics


  1. Yay!!! More photos of cornell to keep. Must thank Zibin for choosing the school. =)
    BTW, ann, what is your camera’s model? I know I asked you before…

  2. To Zhen:

    Hey dear, my camera is Canon Digital IXUS 750. I got it last Boxing Day sale at a steal (less than S$600; it was selling in Singapore abt $850).

    There’s a newer model now, IXUS 800 IS that has a new stabilizing capability to make photos sharper in low-light conditions and when taking fast-moving objects. If you’re looking at something in that range, you could check it out.

    If you want an ultra-compact that’s cheaper, there are also other Canon IXUS options. Personally, I heartily recommend Canon. Easy to use, lots of features, and the colours turn out great. :) The downside is that they’re pricey (though I think it’s worth the price if you use it well!)

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