Downpour, Shopping, & Stolen Cows

What a day it was to be driving yesterday! Traffic was backed up at the Canada/U.S. border such that we waited nearly 2 hours in line. Then, drizzle became downpour as we were on the I-90. Visibility was poor, but fortunately we all arrived safely and happily in Ithaca by 2:45p.m.

A cheerful Zibin brought us all to the Cornell Dairy Bar for a treat of scrumptious ice-cream. (The ice-cream is made from produce of their very own Cornell Dairy Farm! Check out their website for more interesting info.) We were informed that the Cornellia Cow has been stolen again… there were ‘wanted posters’ everywhere offering free ice-cream and coffee for return of the cow. Wanting’s deadpan response to the news was, “Don’t anyone eat beef in these few days.”

After buying even more ice-cream to eat at home, we went off to the Pyramid Mall where we went shopping. Yes, *wry*. Hey, it was raining afterall… and there are stores that cannot be found in Toronto. Like Target which Melissa had been waiting for. And Bath & Bodyworks. And we all had fun browsing the giant A. C. Moore craft and hobby shop where I managed to find a great crochet set for my Grandma.

After a very satisfying dinner at Thai Garden, it was home for the evening after a very tiring day. But it seems everyone (except me) still had the energy to play “Big Two”. It was hilarious watching them though. (At one point, indignant that Melissa put down a ‘4 of a kind’ after his full house, Calvin tried flipping one of the sixes to say it was a nine. But of course the card still showed six. Think we took a while to stop laughing over that antic.)

Ah well. It’s time to wake the rest of the house up. Catch y’all later!


  1. Hi dear, you must get zibin to show you the clock tower…they open it to visitors at certain times of the month/year. Also go check out the “antique library” in Uris Library. Go in the front door, and take the stairs up towards your 12 o’clock. You’ll love it!

  2. Zhen, we thought exactly alike! We went up the McGraw bell tower just before a wedding concert! The chimes were then played for about 30mins, including the tune to The Chinese High school song (again! ha ha).

    And I specifically requested that we visit the ‘antique’ Uris Library. I remember it from the last time you brought us there. Took photos too! Will load when I get back to T.O. :)

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