Learning to Receive

During today’s homily, Father said something that stirred me. “If you think that your prayer is the way to connect to God, you will not experience Him. If you think that your goodness is a matter of will-power, self-discipline and effort, you will not experience Him.”

This stirred me because I had received this same message from a different source but a few days ago and it’s something important for me to learn. Of course the priest did not mean that my efforts are worthless. In fact, my efforts are required. But I miss the point completely if I forget that ultimately, though it’s important that I strive, everything I receive is a gift. Am I a gracious receiver of gifts? Or does my pride stand in the way?

While I was pondering that point, I had another thought. Travelling light. So often I insist on heaping burdens upon myself as I journey. This morning at mass, I felt as if I was holding a familiar conversation with God.

God: “Ann, do you trust me?”
Me: “Yes.”
God: “Then, travel light. Throw off the burdens you are carrying in your heart. You will want for nothing.”

Indeed. Learning to trust, is learning to trust completely. Learning to receive, is to put all pride aside and to graciously and joyfully accept. :)

***** ***** *****

It was a very full day in Ithaca. Mass. Seeing the campus. Seeing a beautiful ‘antique’ library. Climbing the bell tower. Sitting on top of the Cornell slope. Disturbing frisky squirrels. Spotting a hungry hare. Visiting Buttermilk Falls. Lunching by Cayuga Lake. Buying groceries at Wegmans. We were all tired out. But there are still cards to play and ice-cream to eat before the night is over!!! :P

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