My Laughing, Procrastinating Friend

Do you know someone with a truly hearty, resonant, infectious laugh? The kind that makes you want to laugh just by hearing it?

I have such a friend. And his name is Kenneth Li. And it’s not just his laughter. Even his voice ‘smiles’, and I swear, you can hear it even when you talk to him over the phone. Hmm… and now I seem to recall a mutual friend who once said it’s really nice how Ken always laughs at whatever joke he tells. And such a hearty laugh too…really makes one feel appreciated. *lol*

It was great to hear that laughter again after 5 months. It’s always fun to talk with Ken because we never seem to run out of things to discuss, be they lame (and some can be very lame) or serious. :P

Well, Ken, here’s to NOT procrastinating this year!

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