Back from The City of Angels

I was just finishing up a post on my L.A. trip when the power in my room tripped. Lost all of it *sniff*. And am too tired to type it all again!

Grandma was in very good spirits and recovering quite well. Highlight was catching up with my cousin Jackie, and playing Disney’s Trivial Pursuit with her and her younger brother Jonathan. (The game was loads of fun!)

It’s been a long time since my cousins are babies, but every time I see them all grown up, I still marvel at how quickly time has passed. And I’m so glad that though Jackie is no longer the little girl who hangs on to my every word, every time we meet after a couple of years, it is as if we never parted.

It was a good trip. It was a good break. :)


  1. it was great catching up with you!! hopefully i’ll be able to visit toronto sometime before the wedding. thank you for the wonderful talks!

  2. You’re welcome Jackie! You were a wonderful host. I really enjoyed our talks too. I love how we can always dive right into near and dear subjects without any preamble.

    Feeling awfully pleased and proud at what a kind-hearted and wonderful young woman my little cousin is turning out to be.

    All the best with your new job. Keep walking with God! And keep in touch. :) *big hug*

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