August 24th, 2002. That was the date for UTBound 2002 at The Oaks Grill in Singapore.

Last night, Zibin was bored and googled his own name, and then mine. And he informed me that if I limited the results for ‘Ann Yeong’ to images, I would see a photo of me and John. Turns out, that photo was taken at The Oaks Grill during UTBound 2002.

That’s almost 4 years ago now. Feels almost like a lifetime ago now.


Today I attended what is likely to be my last MSSA Orientation in Toronto. I still remember the first one I attended back in 2002. I was helping out as a facilitator, and funnily enough was chosen as ‘MSSA’s Orientation Queen’ by that year’s committee (Chris was ‘King’, if I recall correctly). Got quite a nice Singapore pen as a prize.

My feelings toward MSSA has come 180 deg. From a prejudiced non-menber, to a skeptical member, to a zealously committed and involved working committee member, and finally, an enthusiastic supporter and friend.

In the past, I always felt that MSSA never really explored its potential as the heart of the Singaporean and Malaysian student community in UofT. But I have good hope that things will be different this year. :)


Mom’s in Toronto now. And knowing that I haven’t had much time to settle into my work yet, she has proclaimed that we cannot chat except in the evening, and only if I’ve done enough work for the day. So far it’s been working surprisingly well for two people that can easily chat for 4 hours non-stop and who never run out of topics to talk about. :P

Having her around is great. So far the only obvious ‘downside’ to her visit is that she’s setting a bad example to the other girls staying with me cos she’s prone to teasing me in front of them (as my ‘old’ friends in Singapore know too well already)!


  1. Hey great!! That this weekend when I go up to Toronto, I can combine powers with your mum in teasing you. But dun worry, we’ll both sayang you doubly much after that… HEE HEE…

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