Wanting's Shiatsu Dream

shiatsu.jpgWhen we were in Ithaca, my housemates and I went to BedBath & Beyond. After browsing the store a while, we came across Melissa blissfully trying out a massage chair type thing. It was amazing. I was sorely tempted to purchase one. And so was Wanting. The two of us have been each other’s massage therapist for a while now, but because of the labour required, we don’t ask for a massage unless we really need one. And only when the other person is free. The prospect of having a good, hard massage on demand was extremely attractive.

And now Wanting has gone and made the purchase (actually, Calvin purchased it for her :P)! She’s the proud owner of a HoMedics Therapist Select Shiatsu + Massaging cushion. And it cost only CAD$167. A cool feature is that you can do spot massage (i.e. if you have one very sore spot you can get the rollers to concentrate on that spot)! You can also customize the width of the rollers to your back. This massage seat cushion is even stronger and gives a better massage than the expansive OSIM massage reclining chair that my parents have back home!

Ooh I’m so envious. To the people in Singapore: are there good massage cushions over there? Quick, tell me!

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