It happened. Today, my mom and I broke our ‘agreement’ to not chat at length except in the evening. From the moment we woke up we started talking… and though I went to OISE to meet my supervisor (and my mom went too to say hi), the rest of the day was spent with my mom. We had hot-dogs, browsed the UT Bookstore, shopped at Kensington Market and Chinatown, and finally went for Yoga class (which is being taught in my building).

Well, we’ve amended our agreement. We both agree that her time here is too precious to be spent not talking the entire day. So now the new deal is, I do as much work as I can in the mornings. Then afternoon and evenings are left to talk and/or explore together.

Something’s new. Something’s different about the dynamics between me and my mom now. And I think we both like it :P

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