A Different Snore

When I woke up this morning, Mom told me she didn’t sleep well last night. She kept getting interrupted. First by a phone-call from Singapore… and then later on, by a ringing phone she couldn’t locate.

Well, she thought it was a phone ringing… in vibration mode. And she went all over my room trying to locate it.

Turns out, it was me. Snoring. *laughs*

Hey, that’s not too bad, don’t you think? A snore that sounds like a phone in vibration mode? That’s pretty genteel! :P


  1. To Henry:
    You must learn from me. Must turn your snore into ‘silent mode’ so it’s gentler! :P

    To Sherry:
    *wry* How nice that you appreciate the description so well. You certainly laughed hard at it! In fact, I was thinking last night that it was a good thing that Ting and Melissa weren’t sleeping yet. Or else I think your laughter hor, will wake the entire house up! *grin*

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