Spilt (Soya Bean) Milk

It’s late, and as usual, I was feeling a little hungry. So I decided to get a cup of warm soya bean milk. Zibin decided to be a copy-cat and asked for a cup too. Then, he actually challenged me to a duel (by poking me), thinking I wouldn’t retaliate because he was holding a full cup of soya bean milk.

He was gravely mistaken. I retaliated, and soon there was soya bean milk on the kitchen floor amidst hysterical laughter.

ZB: “Hey, you weren’t supposed to disturb me! Haven’t you heard that ‘a hungry man is an angry man’?”

Me: “And haven’t you heard that ‘a hungry Ann is an angry Ann’?”

ZB: “What’s the big deal? All they (ants) do is drink water from your Brita jug.” (The ants in my apt are famous for that act.)

Me: *holding back laughter having just drank a mouthful of soya bean milk*

ZB: *wicked laughter* *pretends to be me spurting out soya bean milk, with over-dramatized action and sound effects*

Me: *still yet to swallow, trying even harder to keep my mouth closed*

ZB: “Want to vomit blood already? Like vomit soya bean milk like that!”

ZB: *in a tone of mock condescension* “And now, to make up for making me spill soya bean milk on the floor, you must wash my cup for me.”


Ah the past few days have been wonderful. Both Mom dearest and darling Hubby were in Toronto. An extremely rare treat. What bliss! (Except for when they both gang up on me.:P)


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