Swan Lake Redux

I vividly remember bringing Zibin to his first ballet, Swan Lake, back sometime in 2000 (i think). He barely managed to stay awake. I think he would have had more to comment about if he had watched Matthew Bourne’s male version of Swan Lake instead. Although I usually dislike modern re-interpretations of gold classics, Bourne’s […]

'Turn the volume down'

This morning, as usual, I was still sleeping when Zibin started getting for work. I managed to sleep through most of the usual movement noise until it seemed as if someone suddenly blared the radio. Half-asleep, I raised an arm in protest and groggily demanded, “Turn the volume down!” “Sorry darling, but I can’t control […]

My Hokkien 'education'

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, my extremely pithy understanding of Hokkien is unfortunately limited to vulgarities and a few ‘name-calling’ nouns. However, over the last week, I’ve doubled my Hokkien vocabulary (which roughly means I’ve learned half a dozen more phrases or words). Why? Because of an amusing Hokkien song that John gave […]