I didn’t realize how tired I was until Yoga class this evening. For the first half of class, the teacher was covering basic movements and postures on the back.

Every once in a while, I’d suddenly realize that I wasn’t doing anything, except lying there. And that although I could hear the instructor’s voice going on about what we’re supposed to be feeling etc, I couldn’t make sense of what she was saying. Only then did I notice that I was falling asleep! Fortunately, I didn’t miss too much cos a lot of what we were doing overlaps with what I do in pilates.

Once, I turned my head to see if Wanting was falling asleep too (cos she’s been known to do that in pilates class). But apparently, she was feeling too cold to fall asleep. (darn!)

I had less trouble keeping awake in the second half of class cos there was a lot more movement, and we weren’t on our backs. (It’s rather hard to fall asleep while on hands and knees or trying to balance on one hand and knee.) But I scored again right at the end when we were supposed to meditate while sitting cross-legged on the floor.

The instructor told us that if we were afraid of falling asleep, that we could keep our eyes opened slightly. And so I did! But the trouble was, my eyes couldn’t stay open. So I kept nodding off and jerking myself awake. *sighz…*

Surely, that’s a sign that I should sleep early tonight…*heh*


An interesting aside:

I received a promotional email from Samsung today. In Hindi.


  1. *lol*

    When I saw this comment in my inbox (pending approval) I thot I got spammed! WL… You moonlighting as their salesman ah?

    But yah, they got the best screens wherever! TV, computer, cellphones…

  2. Yah what. Still KNOWN mah…even if once. Could happen again, no? *grin*

    And for somebody that’s fallen asleep in pilates class before, you had a lot of fun teasing me for doing the same thing!

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