Simply 'Ann'

There’s something that never fails to frustrate and nonplus me. Why, after a correspondence in which I have clearly signed off as “Ann,” do people reply and address me as “Anne?”

And why do some people do it repeatedly after knowing me for a long time?

Today I received yet another such e-mail, and Anne Shirley (of Green Gables fame) came to mind. As a child she thought the name “Ann” was too homely and made it a point to be known as “Anne with an ‘e'”.

Do I have to start reminding people that I am “‘Ann’ with no ‘e’?” Or maybe I should just befuddle the English-speaking population here and insist on being known as Ying En. From past experience, that usually leads to me being called something that sounds like “Yin-Zen”.

And while we’re talking names here, let me set another record straight. “Animann” stands for “animated ann.” It does not stand for “any man!” You have no idea how wounded I felt when two different people asked me why I chose such a ‘desperate sounding’ nickname. *sniff*

I am Ann. Sometimes I’m animated. But really, at the core of all the strange and funny things that envelope me, I am… simply… Ann. *bows*


  1. OMG u serious?? ppl actually think its ‘any man’? they are the desperate ones lah..haha….dont know meh? u see what u perceive….and u need the prerequisite to be like that before u can see sth otherwise…HAHAA…

    animated ann indeeeeeeed…


  2. Ha ha ha yah…when I first knew you I thought it was “Yingwei” too… but then it’s cos I ego, thought you had the same 颖 as me :P

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