Suddenly, in the space of just 2 days, a ton of new things have descended upon me to do. And maybe there really is no reason for me to get stressed (yet), but for some reason, I am super jumpy today.

And I don’t know why, but I keep having this image of Ivy, the way she was in St. Nicks when she was stressed before some major event that we had to do… and how she’d suddenly explode in these mini-hysterical laughing fits with me.

I need a good whine, a good laughing fit, or a really nice, big, sisterly hug. I especially miss Ivy and Yinwei when I’m stressed with organizational work. Maybe cos they’re the first two I’d disturb in prefect days when I had workload to share *evil grin*.


The first book chapter I’ll ever have published is going to be in a book that’s estimated to cost $138.00. Will I get a free copy, I wonder? It was supposed to be published this year, but the editor went MIA for a full YEAR. Now he’s suddenly reappeared and asked me to do some revisions by early November. ARRGHHHHHHH. But it’s a good thing. So I shouldn’t complain, right? *breathes deeply*

Ah, who cares. I’m happy about it, but I still wanna whine. SO MANY THINGS TO DOOOOOOOOO. WEEEEHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


  1. That’s fantastic, Ann! Getting published is indeed a milestone, and I do mean it. (If I am not mistaken) As compared to scientific papers, one on Epistemology is tougher to produce by a mile. All the best, and I’ll be waiting to see your chapter! You have to “pirate” it for me though :P

  2. Thanks for ur well-wishes Nick! This paper’s about Project Work (Singapore). And well, I owe a lot to Prof. Ng Pak Tee who mentored me and encouraged me to write this paper. He’s my co-author on this paper. :)

  3. *big hug back* Thanks dear! GSCOPE is going live in a few hours! Am feeling rather hyper now. :P

    If you were in Toronto you’d be hearing from me rattle off about how unprepared I am in my ‘stressed’ mode. I’ve been so busy with preparing registration and logistics stuff tt I haven’t had time to practice my presentation! And I have 2 talks!!! Bleh!!!!!!!!

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