For the air I breathe,
For the food I eat,
For restful sleep and the love of friends,
I give thanks.


It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. And I have so many things to thank God for.

Beautiful days with crisp cool air and azure blue skies that keep me gazing up.

The joy of watching MSSA pull off a successful Thanksgiving event, and feeling touched and grateful for the heart and soul they poured into planning and carrying out both The Amazing Race and the Dinner.

Having Zibin spend this weekend with me.

Having a husband who is so wonderful that he not only sacrificed sleep on Saturday morning to accompany me to see the Amazing Race send-off, but also helped out in the kitchen, helped decorate the party room, helped with the transportation and the purchase of food and drink, and who was amiable and friendly company in general during a dinner which he did not have to be interested in at all.

Having friends whom I love, and who love me in so many different ways. Recognizing that great or little, such love flows from the same Source, and that no matter what has happened, or will happen, I am loved.

Learning to walk again in faith and hope. Learning that allowing pain to pierce my heart is but the prelude to new life when I choose love over and over again.

Having the chance to make mistakes and to suffer and learn from them.

Being me, all of me – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Being alive.

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