November 1

It’s All Saints Day. And it’s also Zibin’s 28th birthday today. And finally, after a 5-year gap, I’m actually physically present for his special day again. :P


Zibin’s been commenting that I’m behaving like the city mouse who went to the village. But I can’t quite help it. I am a city mouse. When I walk past creeks, gorges and little waterfalls on the way to study at the library, I can’t help commenting, “it’s so pretty!”

Of course the natural beauty here is quite taken for granted by those who walk through and past it day in and day out. But for me, it’s a welcome change in pace from Toronto and a treat for my senses. The air is considerably fresher and more fragrant. The sound of water lulls me into tranquility. And the sight of vastness spread out below me when I am near the top of Cayuga Heights – it fills me with a sense of how large the world is, and how much bigger life is compared with the problems I often get bogged down with. And it can be so wonderfully quiet and still where Zibin lives.


It’s been 5 years since Zibin and I were students together. It’s so fun to revisit those days again! Trekking to school together with big back-packs, listening to Zibin tell stories about his profs, hearing him alternate between groaning or grinning about prelims and assignments and project meetings. Laughing at geekiness, debating whether or not we are geeky (it’s all relative, isn’t it?), and just being together.

Give me the simple life! *grin*


Steve Tyrell’s “Give Me The Simple Life”

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