After all that talk about how I like Into The Woods and Agony in particular, I can finally show it to you!

There are quite a few versions on YouTube. This one’s from the DVD recording of the original cast, with Robert Westenberg as Cinderella’s Prince and Chuck Wagner as Rapunzel’s Prince. It was a very good production, and this is very funny. Keep watching the princes’ facial expressions as they sing about their agony *grin*.

I’ve got the DVD somewhere in Singapore I think (very grateful to Hui Jun and Hui Mei who got it for me last year!). This is my favourite scene. Hee hee!

To Ken & Shawn: Happy days are here again… we can all be in agony again!


  1. *chuckles* You’re not thinking of making your paper your wife, are you?

    Into the woods,
    It’s time to go,
    I hate to leave,
    I have to, though.
    Into the woods–
    It’s time, and so
    I must begin my journey.
    Into the woods
    And through the trees
    to where I am
    Expected, sir.
    Into the woods
    to write papers till blur,
    Into the woods
    to write papers till blur…

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