Chasing the Blues

Sore throat. Body-aches. Headache. Have paper to finish by mid-week and still a way to go.

Read Ivy’s blog just now. She had her own version of ‘My Favourite Things’. Thought maybe I’ll try thinking up a few of mine.

Brilliant blue skies.
Beautiful sunsets.
Warm apple cider.
Reading in bed.
Quiet time in the dark.
Heart to heart talks.
Laughing at lame jokes with kindred spirits.
Listening to classical music in a quiet place.
Bursting into song with someone else (the more the merrier).
Hugs and kisses from dear ones.
Receiving unexpected e-mails or letters from friends.
Making up my own recipe and having it turn out well.
Holding friends and family in my thoughts.
Being in a writing groove. (Ivy, this matches ur solving math problems? :P)
Being able to put a smile on somebody’s face.
Snuggling in a warm bed on a cold night.
Having a productive day with lots of work done!
Seeing the faces of people I love light up with joy or excitement.
The still of the night.
A restful night’s sleep.

Enjoy Julie Andrews and the original “My Favourite Things“:



  1. Yeah! You know, those amazing storms with thunder and lightning, and sheets of rain that come down so thick you can’t see a few inches in front of you?

    I’ve always felt awed during such thunderstorms. From my apt in Singapore I have a great view of such storms. And walking in such downpours are such a joy…it makes me feel like a kid again. Getting wet makes me laugh. *grin* Granted, it’s not that convenient when I have to get somewhere… but otherwise, yay!

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