Blue & Grey


Spadina Ave, Toronto. Taken Saturday, November 25, 2006.

We were waiting for the fog to clear on Saturday morning before going up the CN Tower (which you can glimpse in this shot). I like how this photo turned out, virtually monochrome in the foreground but with a hint of blue sky in the background. Can’t help finding a deeper symbolic meaning to it. :)

Incidentally, the view from the top of the CN Tower was also intriguing because the fog was still retreating. You can view shots of the fog over Lake Ontario and over what might be Missisauga in my album’s Toronto folder.


  1. I like the pic. Kinda dark and depressing…yet with a general sense of calm to it. With hope of blue skies that might reveal itself later but just isnt quite here yet. Sorta how I feel right now.

  2. I like it for the same reason as you, Ed. And I like how my eyes are always drawn to the blue sky and the half-hidden tower in the distance when I look at this pic… and that process echoes the travel from dark to light. I am reminded that things may feel and seem dark at times, but perhaps all I need to do is to ‘look up’ and further away. And then once I’ve glimpsed the blue sky beyond, the present dreariness has much less of a depressing effect on me. :)

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