Friendship & Love (1999-2006)


Niagara Falls, Canada. February 27, 1999 and November 23, 2006.

The first photo was taken back when we had no inkling that we might become more than friends. It’s still a special photo though, because that’s the first photo that we ever took together. *grin*


Last week was a great week for me. Spent the first few days in Ithaca with Zibin, and then on Wednesday, Serena & Wing Kwong met up with us in Ithaca (they came from NYC). After touring Cornell, the four of us drove to Niagara Falls where we spent the night. On Thursday morning, we visited the Falls and the Inniskillin winery before driving back to Toronto in the evening where we walked around the city after a quick trip to Loblaws to nab a turkey.

Friday was spent walking around UofT, and then back to home in the afternoon to prepare our Thanksgiving Dinner (it’s Serena & WK’s first American Thanksgiving and I had promised them a turkey dinner :P). We had loads of fun preparing the dinner together even though there were mechanical failures (electric mixer and blender let us down) and we had to rely on manpower literally (i.e. the two men). Boo-boos were present, and we fell behind schedule, but all 7 of us (along with Wanting, Calvin and Melissa) enjoyed ourselves tremendously. We ate the corn bread pudding and baked sweet potato-banana-pecan purée while waiting for the turkey and veges to be ready. And then we had mini oreo cheesecakes with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate for dessert. And yes, we had wine! Riesling to go with our turkey, and a Port that Serena & WK brought to go with our dessert.

Saturday was spent window shopping in Chinatown and Kensington Market before a hearty lunch at 味香春. Happily, the fog cleared in time for us to enjoy clear views from the top of the CN Tower. Finally, Serena & WK got to try Second Cup’s White Hot Chocolate before taking off again with Zibin.

We had amazing weather all week. There was much walking, talking, eating and laughing… I didn’t even realize how tiring it all was until I was on my own again (and left with 8 loads of laundry to do! But yes, before you ask, I separate my colours and wash towels and bed linen separately.)

It’s been a great week photography-wise for me as well, with the weather being so cooperative and all. You’ve already seen some of the prettier shots on my blog. But there are still more pictures of Cornell, Niagara Falls, Toronto and U of T, some of which are pretty nice too. Click on the thumbnail below to view a selection of the photos I took.

The Monkey-like Pig & the Ratty Rat

View photos from Serena & WK’s visit

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