My Blinds


Woke up this morning and the shadows on my window blinds caught my attention. I’ve always loved the effect of light and shadows.

It’s true what they say… you can find interesting subjects for photography practically anywhere and anytime. (There’s already been a few times in the last few weeks when I kicked myself for leaving my camera at home. There was a potentially hilarious and very colourful scene of a workman carrying traffic lights like a file-folder. He stood there for at least a minute waiting to cross the road, in full view of me, and I couldn’t do a thing cos I didn’t have my camera! Argh!)

Once again though, I feel a little frustrated by my point-and-shoot cam’s limitations (no manual control for focus or anything else). The pics sometimes reflect that when I’m being more ambitious. But I’m not going to complain (yet). Besides, I do love my little Canon. :)

See pics from today’s window blind series, including some taken framed by that tiny hole you see in the featured pic. The lines may be distorted unless you click the magnifying glass icon on the bottom right.


See also ‘Exam Fever‘ – a post dedicated to students tackling finals everywhere. :)


  1. Heh heh, those were really nice pictures that you’ve taken of your room’s blind… If you dun tell me, I would’ve thought they were taken by some interior designer… Now, we can save our money from hiring any interior designer for our future home *gleam*

  2. Sweetie, interior designers don’t take the photos of the home lah. They get photographers to take photos of their handiwork to showcase :P

    We still dun need interior designer of course. And I can try taking nice pics of our place lor. Hee hee.

    You reminded me of the time I took photos of Xavier & Jingling’s old apartment. Those turned out very nice, but also cos they had plenty of photogenic stuff :P

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