Precious Moments, Special People (Toronto 1999-2006)

Melted spatula Yinwei & Me (2001) Wanting
LOTR Exhibition! Quebec City Some scary being
Describing Zhen Me at my 24th birthday The boys helping to make cheesecake (2001)

I was looking through my photo collection for a Christmas project and ended up drifting onto Memory Lane. Perhaps because it’s my last Christmas in Toronto, I was particularly interested in the photos that had been taken in Canada.

Some photos made me laugh out loud (my goodness did we ALL look kiddish and/or dorky… except Zibin whom I forgot looked ‘ah beng’ with his long hair in the past!). Some made me smile as I remembered the times those were taken. And some are photos taken with people whom I was barely acquainted with at the time, but who have since become good friends.

I’ve uploaded some of those photos to share with you. If you decide to take a look, you might be surprised to find yourself there…and looking very different from the way you do now. *grin* The photos range from 1999-2005 because I have plenty of photos of 2006 in my album already (which you are always welcome to revisit).

See photos in Memory Lane.

Precious moments
Special people
Happy faces
I can see.

Listen to Precious Moments/ Somewhere In My Memory


  1. Wah Lau…. that old pic of me and kor looking so gu niang making cheese cake also put up ah…. some more i wasn’t even dressed properly… tsk. :P

    Yay! Gonna be in T.O. in less than 2 days… whoop dee doo!

  2. Wah lau. Is this the first time you comment on my blog? And it’s to complain?! Man, that’s it… you’re going to sleep on the floor when you get here :P

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