I am loved

I never cease to be amazed at the way God brings people into my life. Just when I have begun to feel daunted by the brokenness of humanity and the raw hunger and need in people’s lives; just when I begin to feel I am too ill-equipped for the work God wants me to do, […]

Fondly Osmond

Over the past few days, hubby and I have been watching and re-watching this 1970s video of The Osmond Brothers performing ‘Love Me For A Reason’. As corny as it may seem, we like it. We think the brothers’ synchronized steps and gestures are cute! It’s also pretty cool to check out a teen Donny […]

Friendship & Love

When it comes to romance, many like it hot from the beginning. Tales of ‘love at first sight’ are enduringly popular. Another popular take is that of enemies becoming lovers where at first the two can’t stand each other only to find that their simmering caustic chemistry can actually lead to passion. But for me, […]