Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

I never cease to be impressed at how resourceful and arty-crafty my mom is. In the space of a few hours, she whipped up a Christmas tree. Ok, so it’s only a few inches tall. But she improvised and after a few handy twists of some wire, and a bit of scissors and glue, we had ourselves a bona fide Christmas tree filled with smiley faces.

This reminds me of the time my mom fashioned 2 Christmas trees… one out of toilet paper rolls, the other out of clothes hangers (for me to bring to school) back in 1987 in London, Ontario. She loves arts and craft. Me, I never had much patience… but I do relish admiring the results. *grin*

We had our Christmas dinner tonight (yes one night early… we have reasons). It was a true blue family affair. Dad & John made cheesecake and cream of mushroom soup (with a heavy dash of black pepper). Mom & Zibin made corn bread pudding and the vinaigrette for our grilled pear and clementine spinach salad. Cathy & I did the turkey and salad. All were tried and tested recipes, though it was the first time making the stuff for most of us. Everything was delicious, despite John predicting doom when I teamed him up with my Dad. Ha ha…

And now, time for bed…


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