I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas

Having a white Christmas has always had an effect on me, not that snow makes Christmas any more beautiful than it already is, but it always remind me of the magic of Christmas… Of God being with us… After a full term in Cornell, during which God has blessed me abundantly,I am here in Toronto with Ann and her family, anticipating the arrival of this beautiful day called Christmas.

A week (well, almost) has passed since Ann’s parents, John and Cathy arrived in Toronto. We’ve been having a great time together as a family, and the last time I remember us having a holiday together was back in summer 2002 during Ann’s graduation (well, I kinda missed out on John graduation in 2004:P). But this time round, we have a new addition to our family holiday – Cathy, whom I’m pretty sure will soon feel comfortable with being part of this extended family, as I did…

It is interesting to having the whole family coming together again, and plan for a holiday. Since the last time we all went on a holiday together, we’ve all grown and changed. There are new dynamics between all of us, and between each of us, that has made this a new experience for the family. Just this morning, John and I woke up exceptionally early (relatively speaking to the rest of them) and managed to have some time of our own at the all-time favorite Tim Hortons. Talking to him, about issues and about his thoughts, reminded me of how all of us have matured and changed, albeit in our own ways and pace. However, what continues to hold us together, to turn to each other for advice and for help, remains in the love that binds us, the love that binds this family, the love that binds all families…

I guess it’s never easy to love, even as a family. There can be hurtful words, doubts in our minds and frustrations with each other’s behaviour. But yet, a family is one that never fails to love. This morning’s talk with John, though not specific on any problem, brought to mind once again about what it means to be family. It means the willingness to love, the willingness to make sacrifices for one another, the willingness to go the extra mile to listen to one another, the willingness to serve one another…

I’m thankful that during this magical season of Christmas, of Love, I am once again subtly but powerfully reminded of what it means to love. Even as I dream of a white Christmas, I am already deeply thankful for having Ann in my life, with whom I will have an entire lifetime to learn about what it means to love. Calling to mind that we will soon embark on our own journey (with joyful hearts!) to build a family together, a family of love, I am humbled by God’s love for us. May this Christmas bring both of us to a greater understanding, and experience, of what true, unconditional love is, even as we continue to give of our conditional, limited love to our families and to the people dear in our lives.

And nothing’s gonna stop this from being a White Christmas…

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