The One With The Imp

To a very special friend who used to write me letters in green ink, and who loves Archies and Friends as I do. I drafted this post a few days ago, and now is as good a time as any to post it! :)


When we talk, even when we don’t, you’re never far from my thoughts. Over the years, it has come to pass that I don’t reach out as often as I used to, but that has no correlation with how important our friendship means to me. I like to think you already know that, for you always were the one who knew more with less words.

I want you to know that it means a lot to me when I receive an out of the blue SMS from you. Whether it’s an update about your family, a funny anecdote, a sad message, or a ‘rou ma’ one, it always makes my day that you thought of me.

We used to spend so much time with each other that we knew almost every thing that each other was going through. All the ups and downs along with many of the details. Now, we both know that there’s so much going on in each other’s lives that we don’t know about. Yet, I’m glad. I’m glad because we no longer need to know the details of each other’s lives in order to feel connected.

I like how we can go for weeks, even months, with no correspondence, and be able to pick things up right where they left off. I like how we can share about our current lives and our new friends… about people and experiences we no longer have in common, and not feel threatened by how much we seem to be growing apart. That’s because I no longer think that having less in common or spending less time together constitutes us growing apart as friends.

The parts we play in each other’s lives have changed. More and more I see us in supporting roles to each other’s lives as opposed to those days in which we were the leads. Yet, I get the feeling that we can do more for each other’s lives now than we ever did in the past. I feel as if those early years we had as leads in each other’s lives were just preparation for the real role we’re meant to take up… the one we’re just starting to step into.

The hardest part about being true friends is keeping each other honest. Not just to each other, but to ourselves. And as one of the very few people in my life who can really see the best as well as the worst in me, I hope you will help to keep me honest, ok? :)

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