Icing from Heaven

Don’t know why the sight of snow falling can still immediately make me happy, or why the feeling of crisp newly-fallen snow under my boots makes me light-hearted. And when it’s night time, the scene of snow falling is even more romantic and magical… I could lose track of time just watching how the snow flakes catch the light of the street lamps as they pirouette and float toward the ground.

Winter isn’t winter without snow. How I hope there will be more of this magical white stuff before this winter is over… cos I’m going to miss it.


  1. The snow last night was absolutely magical, Ann. I’m waiting for more too. =) Glad that I stayed late enough to admire un-trudged snow in the city.

  2. Hey, there were so much snow these 2 days in Ithaca that my car was covered by at least an inch of snow when I was about to drive out for dinner just now… But still, I love the soft white snow coming down like this… Heh…

  3. Ann, yes! I love the type of snow that you can see the crystals flicker against the street lamps :) And then they fall on your eyelashes, crystal by crystal..

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