Happy Birthday, Mom!

For so long we’ve walked the path of life together
You held me in your arms and protected me from all of life’s pain
You held my little hand as I learned to walk and encouraged me to pick myself up when I fell
Then I liked walking on my own… but you were always near for me to turn to when life’s sorrows became too much to bear

You will always be my cherished mother, the guardian angel of my youth
But now I think I’m finally ready to walk beside you shoulder to shoulder
As sister to sister, daughter to daughter, woman to woman
And as we continue to walk this path together, I humbly ask God to give me wisdom and grace
So that I too may protect you and guide you as befits His will

I love you, Mom. Happy Birthday!

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  1. Grip the baton firmly in your hand Ann (接棒)…… You can do it! And if you follow your Master closely, you will definitely do better! Love lots & lots!!!

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