John called me earlier, just as I was getting into a studying groove. He’s always had perfect timing :P And of course I chose to speak with him… it’s been quite a while since our last chat.

1 hour and 10 minutes of wonderful conversation and laughter… talking about soccer, common friends, family, and reminiscing about the many funny memories we have about our time in Toronto. I hadn’t thought about those times in a while, I’d almost forgotten we had so many funny experiences at 222 Elm between ourselves, with Zibin, with Yinwei, then later on with Yuandong and Wanting.

I miss those days of living with John in a place faraway from our parents. Ha ha… yeah, it’s different when it’s just the two of us. *nostalgic smile* John recounted an incident when he couldn’t sleep because he was very depressed… and he came to look for me. I was asleep already, but wanting to comfort him, I asked him to come over and attempted to comfort him, only to fall asleep again in the process. I actually kind of remember doing that… ha ha.

I miss those times when we could just go over to each other’s rooms and start talking… or read Archies together… or indulge in our favourite supper (milo and digestives).

John, don’t forget to call again when Kor is here. Then we can laugh at his past antics all over again in his presence! :P

Miss you, kiddo. Thanks for calling! MUAKZ!

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