My Dream Wedding Shoe


Ever since I watched Steve Martin’s Father of the Bride and saw Annie wear sneakers underneath her wedding gown, I had wanted to do the same. Yes, I know it’s not stylish or elegant, but hey, it’s comfortable! And besides, as long as the gown covers my feet, who cares what I’m wearing on my feet? I’m going to be walking around with a heavy dress all day!

I’ve never liked wearing heels. With my recently ‘diagnosed’ feet problems (which explained why I have bad knees and why my feet hurt when I walk too much with improper footwear), I’m even more loathe to torture myself. Especially on my wedding day!

And so, when I walked past the Skechers store just now and spied this pair of shoes in the window, I couldn’t help but think, “Hey! Maybe that could be my wedding shoe!” I haven’t tried them on yet, but from experience, Skechers are very comfy. And it’s certainly more feminine and stylish than a sneaker, right? *grin*

Well, if you see me grinning from ear to ear on my big day without any wince of pain, it just might be because I’ve got happy feet! (I haven’t decided on buying them yet, but I’m very, very, VERY tempted right now.)

Ah, now if I can just solve the problem about what shoes to wear with my evening gown

UPDATE (Fri March 16): Zibin bought the shoes for me! White with small diamante studs on the straps. :)


  1. Dear,

    Skechers shoes are very comfortable! I have a pair of walking shoes I bought in Toronto in 2000, and till now I’m wearing them! I wear them on all my tours, even on hiking tours!! And some of them look great! The one on your blog looks absolutely lovely, mine, is more ‘sporty’. :) How much is it dear?

  2. To Mel:

    Yah, can use as everyday shoe after the wedding too. Good deal hor? :P

    To YW:

    Heh heh I have a pair of Skechers sneakers, and a pair of Skechers winter boots which is amazingly comfortable (you can see it here)! I haven’t checked the price of the pretty shoes, although their range is usually quite predictable. Website says it’s USD$54. Will let u noe again after I check the store in Eatons!

  3. Hmm… I am thinking of looking for a good pair of shoes, in a few months time, that I can wear to work, which doesn’t require me to bend :) Maybe I can look for Skechers too.. I haven’t really looked around yet… want to wait maybe a month or two more :) Maybe when you’re back :)

  4. eh, what are you waiting for?!?!?! even if u don’t use it for the wedding, its pretty (and certainly looks comfy) enuff for everyday wear.

    Then again…. maybe Zibin will surprise u with a pair. *grin* at least there’s a good chance of that. with my husband…. nah…. “but but but *sputter* you didn’t say you wanted it wat!*wail*”

  5. ahhah wow!! funky bride!! go for it.. even if u not going to wear it at wedding! as long as its within your budget and u dun have too many shoes already :)

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