PhD = Post-Henry Depression?

Whenever Zibin goes back to Cornell after a visit to Toronto I feel rather sad. I mean, of course I’d miss him mah right. But he and I both enjoy ourselves when we’re apart too, cos that’s when we get to spend time hanging out with our friends and then talk to each other about it.

There are quite a few Zibin jokes circulating out there among my friends in Toronto. I just heard of the latest one in a rather roundabout fashion and it’s tickling me pink.

Apparently, according to Yuehan, I’m suffering from PhD – Post-Henry Depression. So LAME! But so funny! Har har har!

Then of course, there’s Sherry’s version of Zibin as Monkey King returing to his 花果山 (Ithaca) leaving me behind to play with my other friends… or, in Jing Jing’s version, Zibin’s the ‘main wife’ or 老大 and after he’s gone, I forget my loneliness with my ‘concubines’.

Well, you know, Zibin’s well aware of all these jokes and of course he’s fine with them lah… and man am I lucky right? How often do you find a hubby who encourages his wife to spend time with her ‘sorority sisters’, ‘bath-robe/tub buddies’, and ‘concubines’ in his absence? Ha ha… as long as his time with me isn’t compromised, he’s perfectly O.K.!


  1. Yeah, I have full confidence that you’d always still prefer 花果山 over anywhere else that you’re having fun with your friends mah… Besides, all your 小朋友 knows to give way to the Monkey King when he returns… Ha ha… Kinda like Lord of the Rings – Return of the King!! :P

  2. Hey hey hey wait now…. I’m not the One Ring am I? Cos if I am…

    One ring to rule them all
    One ring to find them
    One ring to bring them all
    And in the darkness bind them…



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