Guess which tiara is mine?


Some fantasies are never outgrown. When I was little and was the flowergirl at my aunts’ weddings, I was always captivated by the brides. My favourite thing about them were their headdresses… wispy, flowing veils and of course the pièce de résistance was always the tiara.

There have been many different trends in bridal fashion since the days my aunties got married, but I guess I never ever got over those tiaras. Why do I say that? Because the other day, when I was shopping with Zibin for a friend’s birthday present at Bittersweet, I fell in love with their display case of bridal tiaras. And before I knew it, I was trying them on, and soon, I walked out of the store not only with a new tiara, but also earrings and a necklace as well!

I will probably never get the chance again… why not live out my childhood fantasy and pretend to be a princess on my wedding day? :P


  1. (to Zibin) Goodness! Guess for what? You know already mah… haha… Got special present for you is it???? :D :P :)

    (to Ann, before I got distracted by Zibin’s comment) My dearest girl, you can be anything you want on your wedding day!!! :) You know, about half a year ago, I saw THE PERFECT WEDDING PRESENT for you! At first I saw the price, I told JF very excitedly that that is the present for you (no it’s not a tiara), and I kept squinting my eyes to see the price. When I saw the price, I thought it was ok, and then I went to ask the saleslady to take it out and to confirm the price, it was 10 times more than what I had thought I had seen!!! Arrgh… I’m so sorry dear, but I’m still thinking about it.. I wasn’t shopping for a wedding present for you, but when I saw it, I just got so excited… haha… But the price is like $1000… :( I kept thinking if you would like it… haha… what if I bought it and you (or Zibin :P) didn’t like it… anyway, this is such an irrelevant comment to put here, which I’m sure Zibin will say he is distracted by my comment too.. haha… but it just crossed my mind.. but anyway about 3 months back, I thought of another PERFECT present to give you already.. heh… so maybe you won’t get the $1000 gift haha… (i’m going bonkers…)… But I love your tiara too! Actually I also know your tiara. If Zibin can guess, can I guess too? :P :P :P

  2. To Zibin:
    You cannot guess lah, you bought it!!!

    To Ivy:
    Thanks dear :)

    To Yinwei:

    Hee hee this is such a cute comment… sounds just like you when you’re in an excited frenzy *grin*. I’m glad you found something else for me cos $1000 is too expensive a gift for me! Whatever you get for me I will cherish dear, cos it’s from you! :D

  3. Aww.. so sweet~ ^^
    I wished my mom had one on her wedding so I can steal and try it when I was a little girl. haha!

  4. Ha ha ha I know, same here! Well my mom bought me a costume jewellery tiara to play with when I was little and I played with it till most of the stones fell out :P I better guard this tiara well if I have a daughter next time, especially if she turns out to be anything like me (rummaging through all my mom’s drawers and closets to find stuff to play with).

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