To My Girls

I’m far away in Toronto, and so out of touch with what is happening in the day-to-day lives of my friends in Singapore. I know they’re all out there doing their thing, giving their best at work and at home… dealing with the challenges of being career women and of being girlfriends, wives, mothers, daughters and daughters-in-law.

Long gone are the days when we lived similar lives. The other day, just listening to one of my closest friends speak of the challenge she’s faced regarding her own identity in the last seven years made me realize I hadn’t even seen that side of her because I have been away for most of the past 9 years.

We’ve all grown and changed so much from the little girls we were when we met. And despite how little interaction I’ve had with these girlfriends of mine, I am at times pleasantly surprised at how much our friendships have grown in our silence and solitude. Because during those rarer times when we pick up the phone or send each other emails, we sometimes connect in ways deeper than we did before. Walking our own paths with sincerity and faith, we’ve discovered that we are better able to understand each other. Maybe it’s because we have grown in our own understanding of life, of faith, and of love.

There are in particular two friends I have spoken to in the last week. I couldn’t help thinking back to 1994 which was the year I got to know them better. I am so proud of these friends because they are women who fight to live by the values they hold dear in their lives. There have been sorrow in their lives I cannot help alleviate, problems I can have no part in helping to solve, joyful moments in which I was not present to celebrate… But some things are seen clearer from a distance, and I’ve seen these friends grow in different ways into strong and beautiful women.

I’m dedicating a song to my SNG sisters. A song we sung in 1993 (i think?) when we were still PUNs putting up a skit to say farewell to the graduating Sec 4 prefects. This song will always make me think of you! :)

Fixing A Broken Heart by Indecent Obsession


  1. hahah ao man! did we sing that song!! wow.. has it been so long!! that’s like more than a 10 yr ago song! i still keep classifying it as a pop song.. gawsh.

    i love it that we are all still in touch, and thank u so much for your phone call.. u have no idea how much it meant to me! you are surely God’s blessing to me :)

  2. Yes dear, we did sing that song.. We even put up a skit.. and we sang the 张学友 song too remember haha.. :)

    And yes dear, I always love receiving your phone calls :) And your emails :) And writing long long emails to you :)

    I’m glad we are friends :)

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