Yoga Challenge Completed…Thank You!

Heather, me, Janet and Myriam after our 2 hr Yoga Challenge (Marci left before this photo was taken)

Thanks to my very supportive family and friends, I helped raise CAD$1,210 in less than a week for Rethink Breast Cancer and the Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre! Thank you all very much for your support, both financial and otherwise… I am sincerely touched at how generous people have been for this cause, no matter what amount you donated. You guys are all awesome! :)

The Yoga Challenge turned out to be a little over 2 hours, and I’d say it was 3/4 Vinyasa and 1/4 Hatha which in some ways made it even more fulfilling for me because it was a very deep practice. I’ve never perspired this much in a Yoga class yet, and I couldn’t do the full version of quite a few poses… but I also surprised myself by being able to go deeper into some poses and hold them longer than I had been able to do so before. Fortunately, it wasn’t anywhere near impossible (for me) at all! :)

It was a really small group… 5 of us including the instructor, Myriam. I found out later though that there were 3 certified yoga instructors in the group. Heh… I was the rookie of the lot, but I raised the most funds! :P

We got free bottles of mineral water, fresh fruit, power bars and a really cool goody bag from sponsors of the event which included girly stuff like razor, hair-spray, face exfoliating cloth, mini-manicure set, hand sanitizers, compact mirror, cosmetic bags, key-chain with light, bandana etc. The goodies were worth quite a lot actually… and it felt like Christmas morning when I rifled through the bag to see what was in it. :P

Thank you all once again!

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