Yoga Challenge for Breast Cancer… Please donate! :D

Ever since my mom was diagnosed with melanoma cancer a year and a half ago, I’ve become more sensitized to the disease. I find myself donating more to charities supporting cancer research and cancer patients than I did in the past.

Maybe that’s why when my yoga instructor told the class on Thursday that she was instructing a 2-hour Vinyasa Yoga Challenge on April 28 to raise funds for Rethink Breast Cancer and the Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre, I signed up even though I’m not at all certain I can chug through 2 hours of Vinyasa Yoga. :P

By registering, I had to commit to raising at least CAD$250 in the form of donations. I would definitely appreciate any support you can lend me… even if it’s just a few dollars! So, if you are interested in supporting the cause for which I’m going to pant and grunt through 2 hours of ‘power-yoga’, please visit my personal webpage at Rethink Breast Cancer. There are links on that webpage where you could find out where your money would go to. There’s also a meter there showing how much more money I have to raise in order to make my required target, and currently it’s at zero! :P


We’ve had some amazing weather in Toronto this weekend! Sunny and warm at 23 deg celcius, the sunglasses and capris have re-emerged onto Toronto streets! Zibin was here too, which made my weekend complete. A particular highlight for me was having authentic Mexican cuisine in Kensington Market (in a cantina that made me feel like I was back in Puerto Vallarta!) with a bunch of really cool and equally sun-starved, study/work-sick and food-loving friends.

While the gringas and chorizos could not compare to what I had in Mexico, they were still pretty good. (Wished I had known of such places when John was here!) And I had my first ever sip of a Margarita thanks to Wanting.

It was a sun-filled, food-filled, love-filled, and friend-filled weekend, and on top of that I also managed to get a fair bit of reading done! Now if I hadn’t needed to say good-bye to Zibin today and wait an entire month to see him again, it would have been a pretty perfect weekend… :)


  1. Thanks, Phei Yee! Ha ha… I think it was more of fool-hardiness… but it sounds like a fun thing to try and challenge myself with, and it’s for a good cause!

  2. wat do u do at a vinyasa challenge? Ann..i can’t get through the thing.. really. i emailed yinwei for advice..

  3. Vee dear, Vinyasa is a ‘type’ of yoga… similar to Ashtanga (you can google them to see description)… a particular kind of practice lah, that’s faster paced and has more vigorous sequences than regular Hatha Yoga. It’s not necessarily harder, but because of the faster pace it is more demanding on stamina (on mine at least cos my stamina sucks!). Also, their sequences are quite demanding on upper-body/arm strength, which I also suck in… *lol*…

    I’m usually very tired after about an hour of Vinyasa yoga already so I’m quite sure 2 hours will be a real challenge for me. I am pretty sure I will need to draw on plenty of mental strength and meditative power to see me through it, but I’ll give it my best shot! :)

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