Sunshine Days

The past week has been pretty much as good as it gets weather-wise. Sunshine and blue skies everyday (but one) with temperatures hovering in the mid-teens. I’m feeling pretty exhausted from all the things I’ve been trying to squeeze in… meetings with thesis group and supervisor, reading, errands and meeting up with friends as much as I can as in effect I only have about 2 weeks left to do what I have to do.

Some random things I’ve enjoyed over the past week:

Quiet afternoons studying at Expresso Etc where I’ve discovered great hot dark chocolate, eggplant/garlic/rosemary/tomato jaffle (a kind of pressed sandwich), salmon and avocado croustillade (a french open-faced sandwich). It has a bright and welcoming atmosphere and the music is almost always either Gipsy Kings (the owner’s favourite CD it seems), French café music or Classical 96.3 FM.

Chocolate Side Cake and Iced Milk Tea at Peach Garden Bakery. Mel and I must have gone there at least 4 times this week, including a hilarious ‘catapult’ incident when I accidentally sent our favourite dessert on a collision course with Mel’s neck *grin*. The cake was safe, but one of its chocolate sides disappeared into Mel’s shirt… :P

Live jazz, calamari and buffalo wings at ‘Quotes’ Bar & Grill. Kenneth told me about this place and I was reminded of how I wanted to go to a jazz bar before I left Toronto. We went yesterday, along with Phei Yee and Mel, and had a wonderfully relaxing 2 hours listening to live jazz played by a band of ‘grandpas’. We were the youngest customers there… everyone else looked like they were Golden Agers… but I liked it precisely because of the comfortable and homey ambience :)

Zaru Soba with Tempura at Konichiwa. I went to have ramen because the last time I tasted Sherry’s and it was good. But then my lunch-mate Kenneth ordered the cold soba and it looked very appetizing. So I went back the next day and tried it. And I just had it again today! :P Aside: This is another eating place where I get treated to the music genre of my preference!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another sunny day and I’m going to go to Woodbine Beach after mass. It’ll still be rather chilly, but Mel’s assured me it’s still a treat. Looking forward to it!

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