Sa Sa & Me


Wanting, Melissa and I have very curious interpersonal dynamics. And I swear Melissa brings the TNT. Cos it’s so easy to go crazy when she’s around.

If anyone raises their arms or leaves even a hint of unprotected belly flesh (whether exposed or not), you will see the devilish gleam in Melissa’s eyes as she jabs you in the tummy or ribs and cackles with maniacal delight.

So anyway, in part to counter Melissa’s naughty poking habits (and I’m not even going to start talking about the funny faces she constantly makes at me behind my back), I started hugging Melissa in a way that locks her arms so she cannot attack me or Wanting. Whenever I do that, Melissa is usually facing Wanting and she’ll start gagging and choking as if I was killing her. It’s all very fun *wicked grin*.

Anyway, Melissa said that I’m like Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toons who loves to go around hugging cute animals. Her tagline is apparently “I want to hug you and squeeze you into itty-bitty pieces!”.

So the 3 of us ended up watching half an episode of Tiny Toons on Youtube earlier, and I guess Wanting’s right: Melissa and I do behave like we’re in a cartoon! *grin*


  1. I’m going to miss those hugs when you are back in singapore! And I’ll miss poking you too! :p

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