The Humorous World of Disney

I went to catch Erich Kunzel conduct the Toronto Symphonic Orchestra in ‘The Magical Music of Disney’ tonight with my friends. It was a lot of fun! I felt like a groupie mouthing the words to the songs half the time… Well, maybe a little more than half the time. Heh.

The feel and caliber of the performance I attended was not exactly as wonderful as the TSO Pops Christmas one I attended in December (which was also conducted by Erich Kunzel), but it was still very enjoyable… The opening bars of the first medley put a broad smile on my face and the smile stayed for the whole 2 hours and beyond!

This particular TSO experience was punctuated by a lot of laughter due to the fact that I was sitting with Wanting. From time to time she would giggle with amusement much to my amusement… and here are some out-takes from our whispered exchanges:

WT: * giggle*
Me: What’s so funny?
WT: You see that uncle there in the first row with the white hair? He’s singing so aggressively! Ha ha… so cute! (referring to a member of the Mississauga Choral Society)

WT: *giggle*
Me: ?
WT: Don’t you think the drummer looks like the mad professor from Tin Tin?

As ‘Once Upon a Dream’ from The Sleeping Beauty starts playing…
Me: eyes light up and, according to Ting I had a rapt expression on my face
WT: *elbow nudges me* Hey you didn’t bring your tiara!

As ‘Under the Sea’ starts playing and we’re taken up by the uptempo beat…
WT: *quiet laughter* Don’t you think the music sounds like it’s a dance for 小白? *flutters her hands to imitate the cartoon character*

On the way home from Roy Thomson Hall, I was still on a bit of Disney high and kept singing some of the songs. And I was delighted and surprised when Yee Leng joined me when I started ‘Part of Your World’. She has such a sweet and clear voice too! Man, she and Yuehan would be one couple who would sound great doing a duet! :P

For me, part of the fun of this concert was the fact that I attended it with so many of my friends here: Wanting, Phei Yee, Yee Leng, Yuehan, Zoe, Tingfang, Kenneth (& family!). I’m really looking forward to the next group ‘cultural’ outing this week!

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