What Hoo?

From time to time, Zibin and I will drift into inane conversation about the names of future kids. (Check out this old post to see what else has come up as unfortunate name candidates.)

Today’s short interchange on the phone went like this:

Me: Hey, if we have a daughter next time, can we name her Zoe?? I like the name… Zoeeee Hoo!
ZB: It’s a nice name, but it’s not Biblical issit?
Me: Yes it is! It’s in the New Testament… it’s Greek for ‘an abundant life in God’ or something like that.
ZB: Oh… ok. Hey then we can name our son ‘Ya’.
Me: ‘Ya Hoo’? *pained look*
ZB: Yah… Biblical also mah… like ‘Yahweh’.

Well, what do you expect from two addled-brain students? One studying for his last exam, the other writing up a frenzy to meet a deadline tomorrow! :P


  1. Hee, actually I like Ya Hoo also, haha…

    Zonghan will put both his hands up in the air (like cheering) if you say “Yahoo” or “Yeah” or “Hey-yo” :) So everytime we call your boy Ya Hoo, you will know that Zonghan will be cheering lor :P

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